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Thursday, December 27, 2007

About Rajpurohit

~~~ About Rajpurohit ~~~

Rajpurohit is basically a Hindu caste with it's roots in hrishikul (great revered Indian sages from Vedic era), belongs to India. There are more than 100 sub-castes of Rajpurohit, known as Gotra, e.g. Sevad, Jagarwal, Manana, Rajguru, Mutha, Gundecha, Audichya(also known as Udesh, Trambkoti) etc. Rajpurohits are pure vegetarian, believes in Hindu Vedic Sanskriti.

~~~ Demography ~~~

Rajpurohit is basically a Title bestowed upon those Brahmins, who used to perform the rituals and rites for the Raja of some Kingdom. In the course of their service to the Kingdom, according to ancient traditions, the king used to donate few villages within his kingdom to their Rajpurohit. These villages were considered to be free from any ruler, and were outisde the ambit of any form of tax. Also any Kshatriya clan were barred to live in such villages. Even today, this is a fact in many parts of Rajasthan. Since in India, majority of Rathodi raj was prevelant in Rajasthan, the Rajpurohit caste is prominently found in Rajasthan. Most of the Rajpurohits who live in other parts of India, can trace back their roots, upto one to two generations, back in some village of Rajasthan. However some parts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh with their common boundry with Rajasthan do have Rajpurohit caste for quite some time.


yashpal singh rajpurohit said...

jay Raghunath ji ri sa.
jay data ri sa.
yashpal Rajpurohit (mehthana) sirohi aburoad (derna)

Unknown said...

Jai raghunathji ri....Kyu Bolte hai raghunathji kon the plzz koi bata Sakta hai